E.-ATV - extreme - powerfull - secure - fast - E.-ATV Made in Germany

E.-ATV - extreme - powerfull - secure - fast - E.-ATV Made in Germany

E-ATV - From the track on the road ...

Meanwhile, the idea of building a quad out of a motorbike does exist as long as the quad itself. Various E.-ATV models were developed with the help of a good deal of skill and inventiveness. The development time of about ten years is reflected in the perfection of our E.-ATV models today.

All E.-ATV vehicles have the following equipment as standard::

• dual caliper brakes from Brembo
• stainless steel brake lines
• stainless steel "wave" brake discs
• variable shockabsorber mounting points
• nerf-bars
• W.P. shockabsorber and suspension parts
• stainless steel rear axle
• front and rear bumpers
• hydraulic clutch
• 2 road legal for driver and passenger
• 3 year warranty on chassis and components

Exclusivity is our strenght ...E.-ATV

It`s only two year ago that the existing E.-ATV models entered the quad-market, there are already numerous fans that are quiet amazed by quads.

Among the quads themselves there is no real competition. First of all, the E.-ATV Evolution captivates with its potent and lively 510 ccm engine. On the other hand the E.-ATV Explorer presents itself with its strong rim hole and its ductile 625 ccm engine.

It is obvious that the E.-ATV Extreme with its powerful V2 engine carries a special position within this comparison.

In their front end the serialized quads are nearly identical. They are equipped with swimming dual piston - break calipers by Brembo. All the brake discs are of waveform and they are additionally equipped with drop shaped holes. The lines are already installed as stainless steel brake liners.

The handlebar is operated by two taper-roller bearings and it is continuously variable. This guarrantees the driver a steering column that is free from play. Furthermore the guide and bearing of the steering column cause a stiftening of the front end. Thus the frame is especially buckling resistant.

The wide A-arms are operated by WP dampers. They possess an adjustable rebound system and thus they can be adjusted to the individual driver. Selectively there are two ways of installation. Only within a short time the clearance underneath the gear case of the E.-ATV quad can be varied. The change of the spur and respectively of the camber that is therefore necessary, can be carried out without any great effort.

A greasing of the bearings of the A-arms is not necessary here as maintenance-free and enclosed bearings are used. Only the guidance of the rear axle has a lubricating nipple.

The E.-ATV Explorer aswell as the E.-ATV Extreme is equipped with a standard engine fan. Optionally another third engine fan can be refitted in the front end. The E.-ATV Evolution is already equipped with a third engine fan. In this case the fan is optional.

The rear decelleration is taken over by the well known swimming dual piston - break caliper by Brembo. Here the disc is also of waveform and it is again completed with drop shaped holes. Again, the stainless steel brake lines belongs, of course, to the standard equipment.

To clamp the chain at these three E.-ATV models an excenter is wrested in the rear axle. This maintainance is no big trouble. A further adjustment of the rear axle to the frame axle is not necessary.

The rear damper is by WP aswell. Zug- and Druckstufe are also adjustable.

All used bearings are serially and they correspond the DIN standard.

At E.-ATV the emergence of rust is prevented by a thick and resistant power coating. All further attached parts are hardened and tempered in their surface and thus they are corrosion-proof. Only top quality material is used.

Of course, Nerf-bars belong to the standard equipment.

The highlight since 2005 is the stainless steel rear axle. Made out of extreme durable material. Also used in the aerospace industrie.

E-ATV Extreme 990 SM

E-ATV Extreme 990 SM

W.P. shockabsorber and suspension parts

2 road legal for driver and passenger

stainless steel brake lines

3 year warranty on chassis and components

hydraulic clutch


stainless steel rear axle

dual caliper brakes from Brembo